STARONIX MCB Enclosures (Distribution board- DB), MCB & RCCB!

Why We Are?

'Staronix'-  We provide high quality with better price alternate within a product range useful for household and industrial low voltage electrical & electronics sector to meet the needs of domestic & international customer, be it standard or customise.

MCB Enclosures ( Distribution Boards- DBs)

Our expertise: Standard & Customized products with better price & good quality.

We transform the customer expectations  & needs into products with the help of our experienced design & development team, with due consideration of standard practices.

'Makes Safe & Sure!

We strive to provide the products to meet relevant quality standards by continual improving our quality management systems. 

Product Range


  • Available in IP-30, IP-42. IP-43 Protection
  • Manufactured as per IS standard IS-13032/IS-8623-3.
  • Range- SPN, TPN, VTPN, PPI, Phase Selctor, Phase Segregated, Enclosure, AC Box (plug & Socket), SPN TV-TL, TPN TV-TL type & Customize.
  • Type: Double door, Single door, Plastic & Acrylic door, Glazed door type & customized options available.
  • Manufactured with good quality CRCA sheet as per IS-513 related grades.
  • Ready to use DBs- provided with suitable phase Bus bar, N-bar, Cement Spill Protector, E-bar and interconnecting wires.
  • Provided with removable top and bottom gland plates with adequate knockouts for easy wiring.
  • Distribution are suitable for flush & surface mounting.


  • Conforms to IS/IEC 60898-1:2002.
  • Available in B, C & D curves.
  • Rated Voltage: SP/SPN- 240 V, DP-415V, TP-415V, TPN-415V, FP-415V.
  • Ranges- C & D Type- 2A to 63A, & B type 6A to 63A
  • Breaking capacity of 10kA 
  • Frequency- 50 Hz
  • Design based on advanced current limiting hammer trip mechanism.
  • No Line-Load bias
  • Suitable for accessory fitment
  • Roubst Design.


  • Conforms to IS 12640-1:2008. IEC 61008-1:1996
  • Icn- 6kA
  • Design based on advanced current limiting hammer trip mechanism.
  • No Line-Load bia
  • Suitable for accessory fitment
  • Suitable for DC application, as per IEC 60947-2.
  • Rated Voltage:240 V (for DP), 415V DC (for FP).
  • Ranges- 16 A to 63 A with 30mA, 100mA & 300mA



The company is formed by high experienced team of engineers to cater the growing need of electrical products in India & in Global market. The products are offered under the brand ‘’STARONIX’’.

It is a motto to provide high quality, reliable and competitive range of products, made from high quality raw materials. The products are standards as well as versatile & customize as per standard or customer demands suitable to relevant quality standards. READ MORE..!

Our Vision

Is to strive to be a better alternate within this product range.

  • By fulfilling customer’s requirements & expectations. 
  • Offering innovative designs and reliable products with better price & high quality.
  • Focus to deliver excellent customer services for standard & customized requirements.


Is to be known as a global company with based on our values.

To be one of the most trusted, respected and preferred brand.


We follow the Indian standards and International standards to maintain the define the quality of the products. And our experience team is controlling quality standards requirements with through inspection and testing as and when applicable.”